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December 27, 2013
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    Finally composing yourself, you stand up and wipe your eyes and nose. You are completely worn out and your throat burns from dehydration. You need water to clear your head and quench your thirst. You slink back down the long hallway towards a kitchen you had passed earlier.

    As you trudge on, Slenderman clouds your thoughts. He is exactly what you originally perceived him to be. He is a stone-cold, evil, manipulative being, and you are nothing more than his toy. You despise him. He tore your life apart and took everything away from you. It does not matter anymore how you feel about him; Slenderman now owns you. The worst part of your situation is you cannot do anything to stop him, nor can anyone else.

    Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted by voices coming from the kitchen. You tiptoe silently closer to the doorway, attempting to eavesdrop on the conversation. You stop just beside the door frame so you are not seen. You make out two male voices in the room.

    “How about this one?” you hear a smooth, but muffled, voice asks.

    “She looks cute, but I doubt she will be any good. How about him?” The second boy has a quiet, timid voice.

     “Maybe. He looks tough, but is probably stupid.”

    “Fine. How about this guy?”

    “Hmmmm… I guess he’ll do.” You hear the boy yawn and a chair creak. He pauses a moment. “You know you don’t have to stand there, right?”

    No one speaks.

    “Hey, girl! We know you’re there! Just come in here already,” the first boy demands.

    How did they know I was here?

    Your face burns with embarrassment as you enter the room. You glance over at the wooden table where the two boys are sitting.

    The hell?

    The two boys’ appearances startle you. One of the boys is leaning on the table with his chin resting on his fists. He wears a black hoodie that contrasts against a white mask that disguises his face. Painted onto the mask are lips,eyebrows, and dark, soulless eyes. Without his hood up, you can see a mess of short brown hair atop his head. Beside him, a boy in a dull orange hoodie reclines in his chair. His hood obscures his face, so all you can see is darkness beneath.

    On the table is a ragged notebook filled with images of people. Beside each picture is a brief, scribbled group of words. You inch closer to the table, attempting to make out the words.

    “What are you doing here?” the one wearing the white mask asks, distracting you from the book.

    “I… uh….” Your throat aches as you try to speak. Your hand finds its way to your throat and begins rubbing it gently. You swallow, attempting to rehydrate your throat.

    The boy in the orange hoodie closes the notebook before he rises and and drifts over to the sink. You watch as he opens a cabinet, pulls out a glass, and fills it with water in one fluid movement. Suddenly, the glass is handed to you and you look down at it in disbelief. You look back up at the figure standing in front of you.

    “That is what you wanted, right?” he asks meekly, looking away from you.

    “O-oh, right!” You glance back down at the glass. “T-thank you,” you say before drinking the water. The boy sits back down.

    Instantly, you feel much better. The headache that you did not realize was there is gone and the pain in your chest has dulled. You let out a sigh as the last drops drip down your throat.

    You glance back over at the two boys, who are once again staring down at the notebook between them.

    “Did you really have to piss off our boss?” the boy with the white mask asks, breaking the silence.

    “Boss? What do you mean?” you ask awkwardly.

    “Slenderman. The man has been nothing but generous towards you and all you’ve done is kick and scream at him. If anyone else had pulled the stunts you have, they would have been hung up to die a long time ago. You have no idea how well off you actually are!”

    “Well off? He killed my best friend and raped me!” you shout.

    “Do you really think that our boss would do something like that? (Best friend) was still breathing when we got there, sweetheart.”

    “(Best friend)? She’s alive?”

    “Are you deaf or something?”

    “But I thought he killed her….”

    “Why would he? It would just be a waste of his time anyways.”

    “Waste of time? What, so now she’s just trash?!”

    “She’s just a human.”

    “‘Just a human?’ ‘Just a human?!’ I’m a human! And so are you, right?”

    “Human? Heh, we’re not just some humans,” the boy chuckles.

    “Then what are you?” you question wearily.

    “We’re Proxies.”


    “Henchmen,” he corrects himself.

    “So what? You, like, work for Slenderman and do whatever he tells you?”

    “Something like that,” the boy in the orange hoodie mumbles.

    You freeze, startled by the new voice. Your eyes slowly travel towards the orange-clad boy. He is still looking away from you, but you are sure it came from him.

    “Why are you working for a monster like that anyways?”

    “He’s really not that bad once you get to know him….”

    “‘Not that bad?’ He raped me!” you lash out at the boy.

    “Doubt it,” the boy in the white mask interjects.

    “What do you mean ‘doubt it?’ All the signs were there! I woke up naked covered in bruises and scratches!” you yell.

    “Tch. Your clothes were wet so Boss stripped you down so you wouldn’t get sick. Those scratches and bruises are from you thrashing around in the woods, princess. Besides, if he raped you, you would be in a lot more pain.”

    You go silent for a moment.

    “What about the blood on my legs then?”

    “Probably mud. Honestly, what would he gain from raping you when you are out cold?”

    A chill crawls down your spine.

    He didn’t rape me then….

    “So, what does he want from me?”

    “I would have thought it was obvious.”

    “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because he stalked me and screwed with my head, then just disappeared for an entire year! How the hell is that obvious?”

    “Do you remember the last thing he said to you before he left?”

    “Yeah, but why does that matter?”

    “He was waiting for you, sweetheart.”

    “But why?!” Before you can scream anymore, black tentacles wrap around your body. Trembling in fear, you lift your head to see the stark white face of Slenderman looming over you.

    “Still not willing to behave, I see.”

    “S-Sle-Slender,” you stutter.

    Masky, Hoodie, deal with the pest outside.”

    The two boys stand and leave the room, taking the notebook with them. Once they leave the area, Slenderman turns you around to face him.

“Now, have you finally calmed down?”
I am so sorry it took so long to post! 
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BluBerryMasqurade Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
*PAINED SCREAMS BECAUSE THE CHARACTERS ARE DEPICTED WRONG* I'm sorry but seeing people get the clothing wrong on the characters kills me slowly. It's mostly because I am a huge fan of the Marble Hornet series...
splende Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
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If he even SHOWS himself to my best friend, I'm getting a freaking adamantium sword and chopping of his head. I'm a lil overprotective, but we've been friends so long it's more like she's my younger sister, and I mean, who wouldn't kill Slenderman to save their lil sister?
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Exactly :p
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Because duct tape holds everything. Even teleporters XD
lolmclare Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student Artist
Oh my XD
TheREALTwilightSpark Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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