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July 21, 2013
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                                                                                Slender’s POV

    I stalk __________ as she wanders home. However, she is not alone; two other humans follow in close pursuit. She does not appear to be aware of them until they begin to call out to her. Unnerved by their hollers, she begins fleeing.

    “Hmmm, so I'm not the only thing she will run from,” I analyze. “Perhaps this is my opportunity to ultimately have her.”

    I notice that her desired destination is her front door. I teleport inside and lock the door, trapping her outside.

    “It wouldn’t be any fun if she got away that easy, now would it? No, I crave the chance to ensnare her within my forest forever.” _________ twists and turns the doorknob, attempting to pry it open. Once she realized she could not break the door’s resolve, she left and began sprinting again.

    “At this pace, she will be fatigued before I can even reach her,” I snicker. Humans always make this amusing mistake.  It only made the kill all the more enjoyable, as it proves how foolish humans are. Nonetheless, that is not my intention with _____________. Oh no, I had much greater plans for her.

    I unlock the door and leave it ajar for her. On the minuscule chance that she does manage to elude me, I do not fancy the child waking her kin. I begin my hunt for my victims and my prey; though it can hardly be called a hunt, considering how easily I find them. However, I am greeted with a disgustingly sordid image, causing my blood to boil.

    There _________ stood, back to an evergreen tree, clothes mangled and torn. Their hands explore her picturesque body in search of concealed skin. Her skin is bruised and cut in a myriad of places across her body.

    “Repulsive, vile humans,” I snarl, knowing that they are unable to perceive my voice. “How dare they place a finger on her! How dare they harm her! They will perish for this, and I will make sure their deaths are excruciating!”

    I emerge from behind a tree, revealing myself to the three humans. ___________ distinguishes me instantly.  Her facial expression emanates an aura of desperation—she needs to be rescued, and I am the one who can.

    She begins trembling, her head shaking back and forth as she whispers, “Oh no.” Her abrupt, ragged gasps are now perceptible to the ears.

    Up until this point, I have been undetected by __________’s pursuers; however, her sudden change in breathing causes them to look up from their work. Their dumbfounded faces stimulate me further.

    “Oh yes,” I think.  “There will be blood, and lots of it.”

     It is evident that these humans are not as mortified as they should be. “Plus, they reek of cheap liquor. What a disappointmentthey won’t feel much pain,” I realize, as even more anger rises up inside of me.

    One of the humans lunges at me, but I stop him, hardly raising a tentacle in the process. ”I can’t wait to indulge in your screams, pest. Your blood will feel wonderful as it trickles through my fingers to the leaves below.” My body overflows with anticipation to end his being. However, the melody of ragged breathing draws my attention back to _______. Her eyes are wide, fear poisoning them. I must remember that she is still human, and the sights of gruesome deaths disturb them. I do not want to drive her insane.

             “Don’t watch,” I order.

    ____________’s quivering amplifies. She refuses to look away and presents me with a simple, “no,” her voice scarcely audible. I wait one moment before proceeding with my kill, allowing her one last chance to avert her eyes. When I see that she is resolute in her decision, I venture onwards with my highly-anticipated kill. I leisurely begin to pull apart his body, listening to the sound of vertebra slowly separating. His screams swell in volume. The melody of agony is so electrifying; I desire more. Sooner than I would have liked, his corpse is in two separate pieces. My body trembles with exhilaration. Indeed, this is going to be a wonderful evening.  

    I glance over to where ____________ and the second human stand, frozen in terror and disgust. _________’s body heaves for a moment. I prepare for my next kill, but then ____________ astonishes me. She pushes the male in between us and darts away, presenting an impasse. I can remain and enjoy this kill, destroying the chance to capture her, or finish it swiftly and pursue her. Irked, I immediately decapitate the body in front of me before initiating my pursuit.

    I notice a trivial item on the ground during my chase. I slow my pace so that I can investigate it more closely. It is a phone, and a very special one at that, for it is ____________’s. A smile forms on my previously void face. Now I have another excuse to visit her tonight. Snatching her phone off the ground and placing it in one of my suit pockets, I continue my chase.

    By the time I catch up to her, she is already in the street.

    She got away.  I had her right where I wanted her, but she got away. I have waited months for this opportunity. After all of that planning, how could this have happened? Naturally, the one person I want more than anything is the only person to have ever escaped me.”

    I watch her as she scampers into the house. I listen carefully to make sure she does not wake her parents, and, just as planned, she does not. She rushes upstairs to her room, while I stalk her from outside. I gaze in at her through her window, only to be greeted by a not-so-surprising sight—a weeping child.  She witnessed much violence today, more than she has ever seen on television shows or read in books; it’s no wonder that she is mentally shaken right now. After about a half an hour she gets up and sets off for the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on, and she dwells in there for about an hour and 15 minutes.

    When she emerges from the bathroom, she glides to her bed and drifts off to sleep. I materialize in her room, looming over her. She is so exhausted that, even if I were to disturb her body, she probably would not rouse. It would be so simple to kidnap her right now; all I would have to do is pick up her body and leave, and she would not be able to do anything about it. Plus, once she is mine, she will not be able to escape. But should I? I know if I leave her here, she will be very wary from now on, due to the recent events. It will be much harder to get her in a situation where I can take her—other than when she sleeps, of course. On the other hand, she already astonished me once today when she sacrificed that boy to escape. Therefore, I do not want to take any chances with her, as I am sure that if she awoke in my castle in the morning, she would be even more unpredictable.

    I return my attention to _________’s sleeping figureshe seems so calm and relaxed. I will not disturb her sleep tonight. She has already been through a sufficient amount of trauma for one day.  I caress her (hair color) hair a moment before zeroing in on the notebook; finding it was simple, of course, and I tear out a page. I know I need to say something to her, but I cannot find the right words.

    “Should I apologize for what she saw?” I ponder. “No, though I would have preferred for her not to have seen that, I quite enjoyed destroying such fragile and pathetic humans. Any human that dares to lay their hands on my prey better have a will.” Finally, I settle on words, “I told you not to watch.” I situate the phone down on top of the note and depart.

    Another opportunity would present itself at some point. It would be much more interesting to take her now, but it is okay. It will be another one of the many games that I play; and, just like all of my other games, I will ultimately win, no matter what. Next time, she is not going to escape. Next time, she will be mine.

A little input into Slendy's thoughts
I do not own Creepypasta,
Reader X Slender
people who helped me edit: and another friend who isn't cool enough to have a da

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