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September 21, 2013
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    The next morning, you lie in bed thinking about what Slenderman had said. Even now, you still find yourself struggling to answer his questions without doubting your parents’ love.

    “I guess I can understand why he would think I was neglected—I mean, my parents are always busy with work, so we can’t spend a lot of time together. However, spending time with me isn’t the only way that they can express their love. When I got home from camp, my mom made me my favorite food and welcomed me home with loving arms. During the school year, they ask me how my day was—when they’re home, that is.  They check up on me whenever they are gone. If they aren’t home for my birthday, they at least call to tell me “happy birthday.” It shouldn’t be a question that they love me.”

    Nonetheless, Slenderman does still have a point. I am lonely. I know my parents love me, even if they aren’t around to show it very often; but I still wish that I could at least see them more often.”

    However, you were not lonely when Slenderman was with you last night. He had kept you company, company that you did not even know you needed; but when he left, the house had suddenly felt empty. In fact, the house still feels empty, even though your parents are just downstairs.

    “Maybe if I go to him, I won’t ever have to feel lonely again,” you think.

    You abruptly stand up, prepared to run to the door, until a chilling thought penetrates your mind. He is a killer. The memory of that night in the forest fills your mind. The sounds of flesh and bones splitting echoes through your ears. How on Earth could you think anything good of that creature? How could he have changed your impression of him after only one night? <3.

    “But what if he really doesn’t want me to be lonely?” you begin to consider. However, you quickly regain your senses. “The hell? Why am I trying to convince myself that it would be okay to seek him out?”

    How could you allow yourself to be so easily persuaded? Letting out a frustrated groan, you collapse onto your bed. You cannot believe that you almost allowed your opinion of him to be swayed so easily. However, he was right about one thing: your family has been neglecting you. Things need to change between you and your parents, and they need to change now. You stand up once more and head downstairs.

    “Hey Mom! Hey Dad! I was wondering, while Dad is home, could we all go do something together as a family?” you ask.

    “Oh, that sounds like a great idea!” your mother chimes cheerfully.

    “Spending time together would be nice, but I have to leave for work in two days,” your father laments.

    “Oh...” you mutter, lowering your head.

    “But, I guess we can do something tomorrow.”

    “Is there anything in particular that you were thinking about doing, sweetie?”  your mother inquires.

    “Well, maybe we could go out for lunch together, or maybe we could—” your mother’s phone cuts you off.

     “One moment, sweetie. I need to get this.”

    “Hello, this is (Mother’s name). How may I help you? Yes, of course I can. It is 50 dollars for an hour, or 75 dollars for two hours.  Yes, of course. When and where do you want your appointment to be? Tomorrow at noon? There will be a ten dollar short notice fee.” Your mother glances over at you. “Yes sir, now may I get your name? (client’s name)? Alright, I will see you tomorrow. Thank you! Bye bye.” She put the phone back in her pocket.

    “Another client?” you ask.

    “I am so sorry, sweetie. I just cannot afford to turn down a customer,” she says, trying to justify her decision.

    “You know what? Just forget it.” You let out a sigh, and then begin to retreat to your room.

    “Sweetie, I’m sorry! We can have dinner as a family if you want. Though, tonight isn’t good; I have a meeting with a business partner.” You feel tears forming in your eyes.

    “(not your name), listen. We can do something together if you want,” your father interjects.

    You turn to face him. “Oh my God, you don’t even know what my name is, do you?” Laughing hysterically, you frantically dart upstairs to your room.

    How could you have not foreseen this? What had you expected them to do? Nonetheless, you are still hurt by what they said. How could they not even know your name? You are their only child! You fling yourself onto your bed and bury your face into your pillow, sobbing all the while.

    Exhausted from weeping, you murmur, “What is he doing right now? Where are you, Slenderman?” As these thoughts resonate through your head, you drift off to sleep.


    That night, he did not appear in your dreams. You thought he was just leaving you alone that night, but you did not expect him to leave your world entirely. A week, then a month passed, but Slenderman never appeared.

    You try to find ways to tempt him to return. First, you simply research him once more; after all, he had come the first time you did so. When that does not trigger his return, you decide to go to Plan B. Hoping that it would draw his attention, you look up Slenderman X Reader stories online. As you read, you think, “What kind of demented people would write something like this? Or better yet, what kind of twisted people would read this? Oh wait, that’s me.” However, this plan did not work either. Nonetheless, you still do not dare to enter his forest.

    “Why do I even want to see him?” you mutter one night as you work on your homework. “‘Should you ever desire any company, seek me out within the Evergreen Forest.’ That’s what he told me. So why would he just vanish? Is it just to mess with my head, or is he tired of harassing me? Just what the hell is he doing?”

Over time, even the killings began to decrease. Eventually, talk about the killer had vanished completely. Though it seems as if he had disappeared, you cannot accept the fact that he is gone.
I am SO SORRY it took so long to post, but here it is. Also, I am aware that your mom talking on the phone makes her sound like a prostitute, but no matter what way I wrote it, I could not get it to sound half- way decent.

So while editing we were having fun and came up with this:Slenderman, I need a drink. Get yo ass up hur. Bring a sleeve.
I though it was pretty funny
I do not own Creepypasta,
Reader X Slender
people who helped me edit: and another friend who isn't cool enough to have a da

next chapter:…
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kittencupid Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The inception is real. I'm reading a slenderman x reader story and the story one is too O.o
lolmclare Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Artist
XD I felt so clever for the “What kind of demented people would write something like this? Or better yet, what kind of twisted people would read this? Oh wait, that’s me.” part
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014   Artist
HEY THESE THINGS ARE ALL I HAVE (cries in corner while hugging Jeff asnd Slendy Plushies)
lolmclare Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Artist
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014   Artist
I have no experience the only thing I've done with a boy is kiss ergo the readers are as close to a relationship I have
lolmclare Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student Artist
Ah :P
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014   Artist
I know loser girl
silvazerock Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well you've had more experience than me then I've never even had a boyfriend T-T
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014   Artist
I only kissed him and it turned out it was a bet he made with his buddies
silvazerock Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never kissed either
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