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July 5, 2013
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    The next morning, you feel a bit better upon waking, despite a lingering headache. You pass through the family room, unnoticed by your mother, whose eyes are glued to the television screen. Her face contorts with a disgusted frown as a gory image flashes across the screen. The image is of a mangled body, lying on the ground in two separate parts.

    “Oh God! That’s disgusting,” you think, seeing the images yourself. Just then, you hear the reporter say the name of your hometown. “Geez, I knew (home town) was messed up, but still, we have murders now?”

    “Earlier today yet another body was found in the Evergreen forest,” says the news reporter.

    “What the hell? The Evergreen forest, really? That’s just behind my house! Did I really see someone yesterday?”

    “Like the others, this individual was ripped in half. The police still have no suspects yet for these gruesome murders; however, at the station, the police informed us that it was not an animal. We will be sure to keep all of you at home updated about these murders as we learn more about them. This is Bridget Collins reporting to you live from the Evergreen forest. Now back to you at the studio,” the reporter states matter-of-factly.

    You hate watching the news, since every time one of the reporters speaks, he or she sounds like he or she is lying, or at least withholding some of the truth. Your head rings again, snapping you from your trance and reminding you of your reason for passing through here to begin with. You continue to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen to get some Advil. You pop the pills into your mouth and swallow them down. 




    Later that day you try to talk to your friends about your dream from the night before. You get answers such as,

    “Yeah right! You just watch too many horror movies,” and “Oh please! It’s not like anything like that could actually exist.” Just like always, your hometown friends were useless at understanding your problems and providing you with advice.

    “Fine,” you mutter as you roll your eyes, not wanting to look any more stupid than you already did. The rest of the day your friends talk about boys and other drama, but you still couldn’t get the dream out of your head. You leave your friend’s house about an hour before sundown; when you are about a block from your house, you hear a blood-curling scream coming from the woods.

    “What the hell was that?” you wonder. For a moment you consider going into the woods to find the source of it, before mentally slapping yourself at the idea. “Don’t be an idiot! If I go in there, I'll get killed, too.” You rush into your house and lock the door behind you. Then you head up into your room.

    Once again, your TV is static. “Again?” you wonder aloud, changing the channel to something else. “Why is our cable so God awful all of a sudden?”



    That night, you have another nightmare; however, this time the notes, as well as the general events of the dream, are different.

    This time, the golden glow of sunset blankets your path as you run down the trail. From the beginning, you are very aware of the fact that the faceless man is somewhere in the woods, watching your every move. When you come across your first note, you read it aloud: “‘You made a good choice today.’”

    “Oh God, please don’t tell me… did he mean the scream in the forest today?” You hear static, as the terrifying creature from your last nightmare materializes right in front of you.  You bolt away, not wanting the same event to happen from the night before. You stop to catch your breath, holding your chest; however, when you do so, you hear the horrid noise once more.

    “LEAVE ME ALONE!” you scream.

    “And why would I do that?” the voices in your head mock, adding a sinister laugh at the end for effect.

    “No! Not the voices again…anything but the voices…oh God… please, no!” You try to cover your ears with you hands but then…

    “That’s not going to work,” the voices chide.

    Another note enters your line of sight, and you read it quickly: “You can’t hide.”

    “Please, please, just let me go! Please, I’ll do anything!” you cry, knowing he could hear every sound you made.

    “Giving up already? I must say, I'm a bit disappointed in you. I thought you would have lasted a little bit longer,” the faceless man said, as he steps out from behind a tree. The tentacles from his back inch closer to you second by second, more than ready to grab you. You start running once more.

    He appears in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks. “Shit,” you breath.

    “I thought you were starting to give up,” he says tauntingly. You turn to run again, but he somehow manages to be behind you as well.

    Then, on a nearby tree you see the words, “you can’t get away.”

    “See? Isn’t it more fun this way?”

    You feel like a trapped animal; he was the predator, and you were his prey.

    The static begins to echo in your ears, and you fall to the ground as everything goes dark.


    You are in your room, and the TV is static.

few cuss words Slender X Reader I do not own creepypasta
people who helped me edit: and another friend who isn't cool enough to have a da
chapter 1:
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